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In a bow to Gemini, I found a diverse collection of blogs, covering such things as the Maya calendar, Kim Kardashian, the eclipse paths, psychological astrology, and employing fun visuals and excellent graphics. Something for everyone to enjoy, I trust.

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He is currently writing on the day phases of the Mayan calendar, which, by this reckoning, will end on October 28, As her title says, her subjects and her writing are definitely interesting , and visually stunning. She uses graphics, video clips, Tarot cards and more with her fine writing on a range of subjects. She has a unique series on the 12 houses, i. For all of those who have abandoned hope that anything will ever change in their dreary, postmodern existences, astrology… does not have all the answers, no, but it helps people feel better.

Astrology, however, is not the opiate of the masses, Karl.

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It is something much more interesting. She also writes a bit on each sign.

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And then, just for a moment, be glad to be you. His view is subtle he writes about Power Shifts and Quantum Shifts but also worldly i. The Mars person could very easily rub the 8th house person the wrong way and make them distrustful. It usually produces intense feelings of some kind upon initially meeting? Sometimes both? Arguments can get really ugly, especially if Mars is actually in Aries or another fire sign.

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Originally posted by babeyourmine a little intro if you missed me posting about it: my parents have been happily married for nearly 30 years and were high school sweethearts. Show more notes. If Venus is to have a healthy expression, it has to be backed by a healthy dose of self-worth. All those mysteries unfold in Progressions One, where I will teach you a method of reading progressions which allows you to read the progressed chart almost as a stand-alone, without endlessly going back to the natal chart for reference.

This method is unique and will teach you techniques that you will not learn elsewhere.

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Tiene connotaciones de sueo y sueo mortal, debido a su conexin con los opiceos, y la muerte, por su color rojo sangre derramndose sobre los campos. Okay so I have this high powered and very shy Vesta, and my current crush with all of the schoolgirl connotations the word engenders comes along and rubs up against my Jupiter 7 degrees from MC from the 10th house side. Usually, the old Self loses. His characters, like Dimiti, are forever pushing the boundaries of what is balanced and acceptable, struggling to find the strength of restraint and coming up weak and unworthy. It makes us feel alive.

But what happens during the time of life when these aspects become exact by progression? Many astrologers ignore these progressed positions. I say do so at your peril. They may take a lifetime to emerge, but when they do they are game-changing.

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The progressed chart is, no more and no less, a map of the state of your conscious being soul in the here and now, in this particular time, in this particular place. Where the natal chart represents our essence, our being and our ultimate potential, the progressed chart is a map of our current state of development. It is highly sensitive and ever-evolving, responsive both to transits and aspects it makes to the natal chart. But where the Progressed chart really comes alive is when it makes aspects to itself that awaken deeper facets of our being. They herald the unveiling of our personal truth, and question whether or not we can live that truth in a meaningful way.

I will need a phone number or Skype name for you. Skype or landline only if you are abroad.

Dawn Bodrogi: A Tribute

One lesson per week to be scheduled at the same time weekly for each student. Please find a time where you can be consistently available. Some homework is involved. All lessons will be recorded and an mp3 link sent to you afterward. There is no rescheduling. Places are extremely limited, so jump in early if you are interested.

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On behalf of Dawn Bodrogi's family, it is with a heavy heart that we announce Dawn's passing. As some of you know Dawn had been battling. I've been studying astrology for about 27 years now. A lot of in my learning but the single most important person was my teacher Dawn Bodrogi.

Only payment guarantees your place. Please include some info about yourself if you have never studied with me before. What is a secondary progression?

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How do we measure time? The Spiritual Core of the Progressed Chart. Different methods of progressing the angles.

Reviewing conjunctions, retrogradation, stellia, indicators of crisis, stationery periods, and long term aspects coming to light. One famous person; one volatile chart; one roller-coaster of an astrological ride.